Earning a B.S. in Chemistry and a Master’s in English Literature made it obvious early on that Linda had wide ranging interests. After working as a research scientist throughout the 1980s, she decided to pursue her real passion—writing.

Today, Linda is the author of over 30 books, is a popular speaker, has made numerous appearances on television and radio, and has starred in an award-winning documentary, based on her book In the Night Sky. (See her misspelled and partially incorrect IMDB listing here)

She has received honors and awards for her books on American history, and in 2011 she won the Silver Medal for Humor for "Bad Science" in the Independent Publishers Awards. Linda has lectured at the Smithsonian, West Point, and Gettysburg, as well as at national conventions, universities, and Mensa events. Astronomy and the space program are also favorite topics for her books, articles, and lectures. In addition, Linda has appeared at major science fiction conventions and comic cons for her zombie and science fiction novels and comic books—especially after becoming a comic book character in the Ghost Investigator comic books, based on her popular series of books.

Linda always makes a point of taking a break from writing each day to enjoy kayaking, cycling (both road and mountain biking), swimming, cross country skiing, or snow shoeing. She is a lifelong NY Mets and NY Giants fan, so don’t even think of calling her if a game is on.


As a vegetarian, if the apocalypse occurred and Linda became a zombie, she would have to subsist on brain-flavored tofu.