I have encountered many strange things at the sites of murders and suicides, in cemeteries, prisons, abandoned buildings, restaurants and private homes.

While in the dungeon of an old jail I saw a white, misty cloud and thrust my hand into it to see what it felt like. I have heard footsteps and watched doors open, when no one was there. I have had icy cold masses of air engulf me, and felt the fear of being threatened by something I couldn’t see. My cameras have captured objects that defy explanation. For over 20 years, I have been the Ghost Investigator.

You never know what to expect on an investigation—sometimes nothing happens, sometimes more happens than your nerves can bear. But I’m stubborn, and determined, and I stand my ground and try to gather as much evidence as possible, to try to prove the existence of ghosts. I don’t need any further convincing, but if you do, take a look at some of my investigations' Haunted Highlights…